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Power Station Triathlon / Duathlon

November 25, 2017 @ 5:30 am - 10:00 am






Saturday 25th November 2017 C.Y. O’Connor Beach Robb Rd & McTaggart Cove, North Coogee DOWNLOAD PDF ENTRY



Event / Distance Swim Cycle Run
Junior Triathlon 200m 10km 2km
Novice Triathlon 200m 10km 2km
Fun Triathlon 400m 15km 4km
Sprint Triathlon 750m 20km 4km
Duathlon 2km run 15km 4km
Sprint Duathlon 2km Run 20km 4km


Junior / Novice / Fun

12-15 16-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ years Teams


14-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ years Teams

Duathlon / Sprint Duathlon
Male or Female * Age categories will dependent on numbers

Minimum Age
Competitors must be a minimum age of 12 years on 31 December 2017

* Categories may be combined if less than 5 in a category

Entries Close:  Tuesday 21 November, 2017

Race information and results will be emailed if a clearly printed email address is provided and will be on this website

  • NOTE: Registration Fee includes Event Entry fee, Event Operations Fees, Permissions and Event  Insurance.


Event Entry Fee Event Entry Fee
Junior Triathlon
200 : 10: 2
$45 Sprint Triathlon
750 : 20 : 6
Novice Triathlon
200 : 10: 2
$65 Duathlon
2 : 15 : 4
Fun Triathlon
400 : 15 : 2
$65 Sprint Duathlon
2 : 20 : 6

Non Triathlon Association Members must add $10 for
Triathlon Australia one day race license

LATE ENTRY FEE: Prior to Race Day Add $5
FAMILY ENTRY:  (3 or more contact race organizer for entry discount)



Download PDF Course Description


The course is ideal having a protected Ocean Swim and Flat Ride and Run courses


Bike Racks are located on the grass of CY O,Connor Beach Reserve at the end of McTaggart Cove


The Swim is in the Indian Ocean and is a straight line parallel and 30 metres to the shoreline for Junior, Novice and Fun Courses and a rectangle for the Sprint Course.


The Cycle is a lap course of 5km. Spectators and supporters will be able to see competitors at the turn near Transition on each lap. The course is totally flat.  From the Transition Car Park east along McTaggart Cove, left into Robb Road, right into Rollinson Road crossing the rail line and right into Bennett Avenue.   At the end of Bennett Avenue the Cycle “U” Turn occurs. Return is along the same road to turn or Finish at the south end of the Transition Car Park area.


The run leaves the Transition and follows the Dual Use path north for 1km towards South Beach. The distance of each lap is 2 kilometers.

Event / Distance Swim Cycle Run
Junior Triathlon 200m 10km (2 laps) 2km (1 lap)
Novice Triathlon 200m 10km (2 laps) 2km (1 lap)
Fun Triathlon 400m 15km (3 laps) 4km (2 laps)
Sprint Triathlon 750m 20km (5 laps) 4km (2 laps)
Duathlon 2km Run 15km (3 laps) 4km (2 laps)
Sprint Duathlon 2km Run 20km (5 laps) 4km (2 laps)



Race Numbers and Wave Starts will have been emailed to you in the week of the event.

  • Transition Opens – 5.30am | Transition Closes – 6.10am
  • Registration Opens – 5.45am | Registration Closes – 6.10am
  • Event Briefings – 6.20am
  • Event Starts – 6.40am
  • Presentations – 9.40am



  • Transition area opens at 5.30am and will close at 6.05am for the race start.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of your bike and the entry / exit points to transition
  • We cannot be responsible for competitors arriving late so allow adequate time for travel.


  • Bike Racks will be in rows with Event and / or Gender and Division signage at the end of the racks
  • On arrival place your bike in the applicable row. Each rack bar has space for 5 to 6 bikes


  • Individual and team registrations will be at the marquee area. Please queue up according to your race number. At the registration table you will be asked for your race number, Surname and First Name. Race numbers will be emailed in the week prior to the event or listed on the main notice board under alphabetical order / event order
  • At registration you will receive your Timing Band, Swim Cap and Race Number (bring 4 pins to attach to your running top or a race belt)


  • Changes can be made prior to the day by email to sportsperformance@iinet.net.au
  • Changes on the day can be made at the “Information / Late Entry Marquee”


  • Race numbers are marked on both upper arms. It is your responsibility to ensure the numbers written on your arms are the same as your timing band and race number
  • Your Race Bib must be worn on the front of your running  top during the event.


  • The timing band must be placed on your left ankle – secured and checked
  • The transponder must be worn at all times during the event
  • You must cross the mats at all timing locations to receive an official race time
  • The transponder must be handed in immediately after crossing the finish line
  • Transponders are not transferable. Do not switch transponders with other competitors
  • If you withdraw from the race or fail to complete the course please inform the Information Centre and return your timing band.
  • Lost or non returned Timing Bands may incur a charge


  • Wave starts will be advertised to competitors two days prior to the event
  • Final wave start details will be provided at the Event Briefing


  • A provisional water temperature and wet suit ruling will be advertised two days prior to the event with the final wetsuit ruling announced on the event morning
  • NOTE:   This event has for past years been Wet Suit legal (allowed)


  • Teams will change over at the allocated Bike Rack with the timing band being passed from one team member to the next
  • The team swimmer must not remove the timing band until within the Transition area
  • Team cyclists must stay in the allocated bike rack with  the bike seat over the rail until the swimmer has tagged the cyclist. The swimmer needs to pass the timing band onto the Cyclist – secure to the lower left leg
  • Team cyclists must rack the bike and pass the timing band to the runner  before the runner can leave on the run leg. Team runners must wait at the allocated bike rack and attach the timing band before exiting transition.


  • The roads are closed to traffic for this event
  • However, some vehicles may require access to the course including safety vehicles – be aware of other cyclists and potential vehicle movements


  • Race results will be emailed to all competitors who have provide an email clearly printed on the entry form
  • Results will also be posted on the website:   www.allbarnone.com


A short competitor briefing will be held 15 minutes before the start of the event. This briefing will be at the Transition Area with a further briefing at the Swim Start. It will consist of essential last minute information only.
You need to have thoroughly read the event information and Event Rules prior to the Event Briefing on the day. The Event Program and details contain all the information required to participate and are part of the event briefing.


An equipment checklist required for the event can be found by clicking here.


  • Drink plenty of fluid before, during and after the event.
  • Use caution at the start of the swim if you are not an experienced open water swimmer. Wave starts can be very crowded – start at the back or to either side
  • Bikes must be in safe mechanical condition and should be checked prior to the race.
  • Bicycles should carry a full bottle of water at the start of the cycle leg.
  • MEDICAL – If you are over 30 years of age / or have not done much regular exercise, it is strongly recommended that you have a medical check up prior to the event





  • All participants are required to complete the Event Registration entry form with accurate and correct information. Incorrect or incomplete information will not be entertained.
  • An Event Confirmation and Information will be sent to the registered email address to confirm your race entry and provide final event details. If you did not receive the Race Confirmation and Information please contact the Event Management  before the closing date.
  • Participants who completed the Event Registration entry form agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the event that has been signed up.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to accept or reject any entries without prior notice.
  • Once the registration is being processed, there will be no refund for those who fail to show up for the event and/or withdraw from it.
  • The event  registration will only be confirmed  when full payment of the entry fee is received.
  • Any dispute or protest against another participant or any violation in the Event shall be made in writing to the on day Event Director within 30 minutes of her/his finish time.
  • The Event Management reserves the right to use any photographs or recordings of the participants for any commercial or advertising purposes without prior notice.
  • The Event Director / Event Technical Committee decision is final.
  • To ensure that your event details are correct, please check your particulars upon receipt of the Race Confirmation Email and report the discrepancy from your intended registration to the organizers. Any changes thereafter may be subject to an administration charge.
  • All participants should pick up their Race Packs and Goodie Bag on the Event Registration Day or Day which has been designated. Those who are unable to collect their Race Packs on that day, have to inform the Organizer in advance.
  • All participants are required to attend the Event Briefing conducted by the Event Director
  • All participants must ensure that their race numbers are clearly visible as required for the event and Timing devices used as directed.
  • A grace period of 15 minutes after the commencement of the race will be given for latecomers. Anyone who reports later than this grace period will not be allowed to participate in the race. Latecomers should be aware that their timings would have commenced when the race begins.
  • A participant may be disqualified for the following reason(s):
  • (a) Refusing to follow the rules and regulations and /or instructions given by the Event Director and/or Race Officials.
  • (b) Consumption of alcohol, stimulants or any kind of prohibited drugs during or  before the race under recognised policies
  • Any participants deciding to withdraw from the race should report to the Race Officials.



  • All bicycles racks will be indicated with signage and / or numbered according to the divisions and / or race numbers of participants.
  • All participants are required to place their bicycles at the designated bicycle rack/s.
  • Belongings may be placed at the designated rack area unless an alternative is provided.
  • Participants must not interfere with another participants belongings.
  • Cycling is not permitted in the Transition Area.
  • Participants only are allowed in the Transition area – no support crew, friends or spectators are allowed in the Transition Area.


  • All swimmers must wear the swim caps provided by the Organizer.
  • All swimmers are required to wear proper swimming attire during the entire swimming course.
  • Fins, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any swimming aids are not allowed without prior permission.
  • Wetsuits will be allowed in accordance with Triathlon Rules and Regulation regarding water temperature.
  • Support crews are not allowed. Any assistance received during the swim will result in immediate disqualification (with the exception of medical aid).
  • No one is permitted in the swim course other than the participants and water safety officials.
  • Swimmers in difficulty shall signal the safety rescue craft for assistance.


  • All cyclists must wear a helmet during the entire cycling course. Any cyclist seen riding without a helmet will result in immediate disqualification.
  • All cyclists must ensure that their helmets are securely fastened before removing their bike from the Transition Bike Racks and on return of the bike to the Transition Bike Racks.
  • All cyclist must ensure that their race numbers are clearly visible during the cycle leg at all times as required by the event.
  • Bare torso is not allowed at all times. A top must be worn on the Cycle Leg
  • Participant may walk or run with their bicycles.
  • Support vehicles and crews are not permitted. Any assistance received during cycling will result in immediate disqualification (with exception of medical aid and assistance by the event organisers in accordance with special event conditions).
  • All cyclists are to keep to the left side of the road and are reminded to observe traffic rules at all times as required by the event.
  • All participants will have to perform their own repairs if their bicycles should breakdown.
  • All participants are required to place their bicycles at the designated bicycle rack.
  • All participants are encouraged to have their bicycles checked before the race starts.
  • No ipods or similar implements are allowed on the Cycle.


  • All runners must ensure that their race numbers are clearly visible on the front  of their running attires at all times.
  • Bare torso is not allowed at all times.  A top must be worn on Run leg.
  • Support vehicles or pacers are not allowed.
  • No ipods or similar implements are allowed on the Run


  • Relay disciplines are non-transferable among the team members and is not replaceable by another person unless done prior to the event start.
  • For the Mixed Relay Team, each team must consist of at least one member of the opposite sex.
  • The Relay Team participants will be provided with one timing band or wrist band that must be worn by the swimmer to start the race. The timing band or wrist band will then be passed on to the cyclist after completion of the swim course and follow by the runner.
  • All the Relay Team cyclists and runners are required to wait at a designated area to receive the timing band or wrist band from their team members before entering the transition area.


  • In the event of inclement weather, the Organizer reserves the right to delay the commencement of the race.
  • Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the Organizer reserve the right to further delay, modify  or postpone the race without any refund of registration fees.


  • Triathlon is a physically demanding sport. Therefore, if you are unsure of your physical health condition, please seek medical advice from a medical professional before your register for the race.
  • Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol, stimulants or any kind of prohibited drugs before to the event.
  • Participants are to ensure that they are physically prepared, well-rested and well-hydrated on the race day.
  • Should a participant feels unwell in the course of the race, he/she should stop and seek immediate medical attention from the on-course ambulance or at the finishing area.
  • If a participant is deemed to be physically incapable of continuing the race eg. severe dehydration, dizzyness, fainting; the Race Officials and/or Medical Practitioner has the rights to remove him/her from continuing the race. The Organizer’s decision is final in determining the removal/disqualification of the participant(s).




Roads are closed for the event. Park in designated areas that are not on the course. Areas include;

  • McTaggart Cove from Cockburn Road to the railway line
  • Cockburn Road industrial area
  • Rollinson Road Car Park 1.25km north of Transition
  • South Beach 1.7km north of Transition
  • Consult your Street Directory for details


Are located in the Car Park above Transition and at the southern end of transition


CY O’CONNOR Beach has

  • A number of BBQ’s / Tables
  • Toilets


November 25, 2017
5:30 am - 10:00 am
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All Bar None
+61 (0) 411 133 954


C.Y. O’Connor Beach, North Coogee
Robb Rd & McTaggart Cove
North Coogee, Western Australia 6163 Australia
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+61 (0) 411 133 954