Doing Your First Triathlon

A Basic How To Guide

Fitting Your Helmet

Fitting Your Helmet

The Day Before

Check you have all that is required for the event.

  • Know the location, parking, the course and the time for registration.
  • RACE NUMBER:  4 Pins or race belt for your race number
  • SWIM:   Bathers and goggles
  • BIKE:     Bike, helmet, shoes, top (T-Shirt or similar)
  • RUN:          Shoes, cap
  • OTHER: Water bottles, small towel, sunscreen


Race Day:

  • Arrive on time – set the alarm to give you time to get there
  • Park in designated / recommended areas
  • Place your bike and equipment in the rack for your category / race distance
  • Go to REGISTRATION and check in – receive your race number
  • Set up your equipment next to your bike


The Race:

  • Move to the swim start and follow the starters directions. If you are not comfortable swimming in a group start to the rear and on the outside
  • If you require assistance during the swim raise your hand for assistance and stop to have a rest. Continue when you are ready
  • From the Swim run to the bike racks following the marked pathways.
  • Bike Racks: Clean your feet – an extra water bottle gets the sand off. Put on shoes, t-shirt and BIKE HELMET before moving the bike form the racks
  • Push you bike to the bike exit and to the MOUNT YOUR BIKE LINE.
  • Ride the course keeping to the left unless overtaking other cyclists. Keep an eye out for cars even on courses with closed roads
  • After completing the ride dismount at the DISMOUNT LINE and push you bike back to your bike rack. Rack your bike before  you unfasten your helmet.
  • Run: Follow the  direction to the Run Exit and start the course.
  • Complete the course running on the left side unless advised otherwise making sure you do the required number of laps.
  • At the end – Run through the finish area with you race number FACING THE FRONT FOR TIMING PURPOSES. It you have a timing band take it off and give it to officials just after the finish.



  • Transition / Bike Racks:   Walk around the Transition and check the exit and entry points for the swim, cycle and run. Know where your bike is.
  • Hydrate at all times no matter what the temperature on the day
  • Pace yourself throughout the event
  • Medical:  Asthmatics should carry their medical puffer where appropriate. If any problems occur stop and seek assistance. If you do have a problem consult the medical staff in transition or on the course.



  • Have an Ipod or walkman on the cycle or run
  • Knowingly break the Triathlon rules (on the web:



  • Enjoy yourself and achieve your personal success                  J